were you once an outcast too?

esmeralda de gitan. twenty. outcast and struggling with faith.

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utterly failing at roleplay, i’m doing it right.


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Well, it had been an eventful few days, to say the least - most people tended to socialize when coming to college, but Esmeralda had felt awkward, watching all the young Freshmen mingle. By all rights, she should be a sophomore or something, but delays regarding money and her mother’s health had kept her out of school for far longer than she had hoped to be, and her job had kept her too busy to mingle. After all, student loans only went so far, mainly towards books for now. Next month, she might be able to use it to eat, but this month, her dancing was the only thing keeping food on the table. That, and the odd bit of busking when she could.

Still, it was good to see the sun again after being locked up for so long. She’d spent days drifting in and out of awareness, praying and dancing and singing and registering and studying, and finally, free time was on her hands. The park wasn’t huge, but it was pretty, and she was perfectly content to sit under a tree with her headphones in one ear and a book in her lap, schoolbag on the grass beside her. Other people were scattered around the park, sprawled on the grass, or resting under trees like her, and she felt glad of the silence - but at the same time, vaguely lonely. Her fingers absently wandered to the cross on the necklace at her throat, playing with it as she raised her eyes to quickly look for someone she could maybe socialize with. Anyone was better than no-one.

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